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Distance Education: A Primer for Administrators

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Communications Satellites, Computer Assisted Instruction, Distance Education, Educational Planning, Elementary Secondary Education, Interactive Video, Nontraditional Education, Technological Advancement, Telecommunications

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Oregon School Study Council






The concepts, vocabulary, current uses, and technical aspects of distance education are introduced in this bulletin, which is designed to assist administrators in making decisions regarding distance education. The first chapter defines and discusses distance education in general and provides an overview of current educational applications. Self-assessment questions and guidelines are included. Chapter 2 explains the various technologies and hardware, defines technical terms, and addresses needs assessment. A synthesis of the current uses of distance education, which is essential to know before discussing implementation, is provided in the third chapter. Chapter 4 offers examples of current uses of distance education in the United States and in other countries. The fifth chapter examines financial, logical, and implementation issues, presenting sample cost estimates for initiating distance education in a school district and offering suggestions for planning for the accompanying changes. Three tables are included. Appendices contain a glossary of distance education terms and resources on distance education learning.

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