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Fall 12-31-2016

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Dissertation - NSU Access Only

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Dr. Robert Esenberg

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Dr. Jessica Garcia


Organizational Leadership, Student Success, Higher Education, Sustainability, Student Retention, Student Engagement



A Front-End Analysis Study of the Perceived Correlation Between Educational Leadership and Student Success. Kathyleen Wyatt, 2016: Applied Dissertation, Nova Southeastern University, Abraham S. Fischler College of Education. Keywords: Organizational Leadership, Student Success, Higher Education, International Student Success, Faculty-Student Interaction, Sustainability, Student Retention, Student Engagement.

The problem addressed in this qualitative case study concerned the challenges of student success in the four-year degree program at a multicampus institution of higher learning in northern Florida. The purpose of this qualitative case study was to assist leaders in the institution of higher learning in northern Florida in determining if a leadership growth plan could be a valuable component of a future and comprehensive professional development plan to increase student success. The triangulated case study was designed in order to generate unbiased, rich, and in-depth information from those involved in degree programs at the study site. Students, administrators, and teachers were surveyed and interviewed and provided information pertinent to the impact of leaders and leadership skills on student success. In conjunction with the qualitative analysis and case study approach, a front-end analysis was conducted to provide school leaders with reliable and valid information on which to base their future decisions. Success for this study was defined as the percentage of students in the four-year college study site who remain in school, increase their mean grade point average and, thus, eventually graduate or choose to transfer to another institution of higher learning.

The researcher developed and implemented this front-end analysis study using qualitative methods of data collection. The emergent themes from the data analyzed enabled the researcher to provide school leaders with the information and, based on the findings, how it could be used to maximize the resources available at the institution in order to allow college students to reach their full potential. The narrative information and survey results in this final report provide a synthesis of the perceptual correlation between organizational leadership and student success and the implications of developing a shared leadership organizational model within the organization and its probable effects on measures of student outcomes.

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