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Fall 12-31-2015

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Dissertation - NSU Access Only

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Jenia Alfonso-García

Committee Member

Sandra Mendoza Verde

Committee Member

Lynne Schrum


Program Evaluation, Instruction Effectiveness, Distance Education, Educational Technology, Distance Training and Evaluation Models.


The purpose of this research was to determine the effectiveness of a teacher training program in distance education (EAD) offered in a private institution of a higher education system located south of Puerto Rico. In order to achieve the objectives, the research was carried out with the application of Stufflebeam CIPP Model for program evaluation, specially focused on process and product phases.

The sample was composed of professors who participated in the Training Program. These participants were given a questionnaire designed for this research and related to the two stages: process, product and effectiveness of the program, as well as their satisfaction on aspects related to the training received. A Likert scale was used to identify the responses.

The research was framed in a quantitative and non-experimental methodology that was based around three research questions. The data obtained with the administration of the questionnaire were analyzed through the program SPSS 21. These data were analyzed and calculated through the descriptive statistics with the calculation of the frequency measurements.

After analyzing the data obtained and based on the results obtained and reported the highest percentages in the scale of "Totally agree" and "Agreed" it was shown that in the opinion of the participants, the training program for the teacher training in DE is effective with respect to the purpose of their design and participants are satisfied with the training received. The data collected in this study may support educational institutions to design training programs for professional development.

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