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Dissertation - NSU Access Only

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler School of Education


Tom Kennedy

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Meline Kevorkian


Education, Elementary education, administrator role, bullying, educator role, student violence


This applied dissertation explored the relationships between teachers and administrators perceptions of bullying as a function of position and gender. Literature suggests that more emphasis on teacher development for bullying prevention is necessary. The writer used archival data from a grant entitled Knowledge and Perceptions of Educators on Bullying and Bullying Prevention to explore the relationships between the perceptions of teachers and administrators with regard to bullying and bulling prevention. In this study, 139 practicing educators and administrators responded to a survey entitled "Bullying" regarding their perceptions of bullying.

An analysis of the data revealed that 93% of educators and administrators agreed that they were interested in receiving more professional development on bullying prevention, 93.4% agreed that bullying prevention should be part of the elementary school curriculum, 94.9% agreed that bullying prevention should be part of the middle school curriculum, and 89.9% agreed that bullying prevention should be part of the high school curriculum. Mann Whitney U tests were conducted in order to determine any gender and occupational differences with regard to bullying. Results indicate that difference do exist based on the gender and occupation of the respondent. One significant finding of this study was that educators and administrators did not agree on the role that educators play in bullying prevention.

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