Theses and Dissertations

School Leaders’ Understanding and Implementation of Their School District’s Mission and Vision Statements: A Qualitative Study

Venice P. Daley, Nova Southeastern University


The purpose of this qualitative exploratory case study was to explore the perspectives of school leaders in a single public school district regarding their purpose in leadership, understanding, and implementation of their school district’s mission and vision statements. Three research questions guided the study:

1. How do Florida’s public school leaders incorporate or implement the district’s mission and vision statements in their daily practice? 2. How do Florida’s public school leaders incorporate the school district’s vision and mission statements into their purpose as leaders or roles as educational leaders? 3. How and in what ways do Florida’s public school leaders describe the mission and vision statements’ impact on student achievement?

It was important for the researcher to use a conceptual framework when using a qualitative analysis to describe and explore a specific phenomenon for research. The three research questions aligned with the conceptual framework of the study. This researcher used the Ashridge mission model. This qualitative exploratory case study highlighted the model by showing the relevance and usefulness of mission statement and leadership purpose. The data consisted of individual interviews and archival material, which was collected from nine participants employed at a single public school district in the southern region of South Florida. The data were analyzed using a thematic analysis.

The findings of this study showed that experienced school leaders in the district were intentional about providing direction and understanding the effectiveness of school leaders and teachers using the district’s vision and mission statements as a road map for school performance and student achievement.