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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Karen Kimball

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Lucille Beisner


Post-consolidation, Pre-consolidation, School Consolidation, School District Consolidations, School Mergers


School district consolidation has been a trend throughout the United States as state departments of education are mandating that nearby school districts consolidate with other nearby districts. This trend is being mandated in an effort to decrease funds being spent by having many small districts. This includes funds being spent on salaries and schools, as schools consolidate due to districts consolidating. Schools, central offices, parent centers, and other buildings that are related to having multiple central offices close. Jobs are lost, policies change, and sometimes leadership changes. However, change is inevitable. With change comes different concepts, policies, and in some cases an influx of climate and culture changes and shocks. There is now a merging of two different climates, when schools consolidate. This can create a sense of newness, which interrupts, changes, and decreases the effectiveness of the teaching and learning processes as they may have been before the consolidation.

This dissertation provided information based on research about the perceptions of educators and administrators, along with the challenges and changes that come with district and school consolidations. Research focused on high schools in the Delta Consolidated High School, located in Mississippi. This was a qualitative research study. The perceptions of high school and central office administrators about the consolidation as well as teachers were provided in this dissertation study. The research methodology used to determine perceptions of district employees was the phenomenological methodology. State of Mississippi test data both preconsolidation and postconsolidation were reviewed, analyzed, and provided in the dissertation.

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