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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Delores Smiley

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Linda Simunek

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Maryellen Maher


communication strategies, educational practices, faculty hiring, institutional mission, staff development, student development


In the field of Christian higher education, some educators are more concerned with marketing their programs to nontraditional students, the fastest growing segment of new enrollments. Although many view that as a blessing, the issues of mission and specifically spirituality are of concern to educators and administrators who want to avoid the secularization already impacting many fine schools in the country. At satellite locations, some educators perceive that the lack of structured practices and intentional procedures and the marketing of convenience-based structural models have watered down the offerings of Christian higher education. This applied dissertation evaluated whether spiritual development and the Christian mission was being accomplished through the development of transformative spirituality in students attending the current organizational leadership program of a Christian university in Florida. Three groups of stakeholders, faculty, staff, and students, participated in a survey questionnaire and interview process.

The study exposed the barriers that were impeding transformative spirituality at some level and provided recommendations for improvement. The hiring of Christian faculty who integrate their faith throughout the curriculum and who take the time necessary to spend with students was deemed the most essential element needed to create an environment where transformative spirituality can take place. For administrators and educators in Christian higher education who seek to fulfill their mission to “transform” students by helping them grow spiritually, not just in their skill set, this study can help them recognize the factors responsible for the existence of or lack of transformative spirituality at satellite centers catering to nontraditional students.