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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Tina Jaeckle

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Dana S. MIlls

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Timothy Scala


barriers, domestic violence, Human trafficking, perceptions, prosecution, training/education


Human trafficking is a world-wide problem with many barriers. Human trafficking cases are criminal but are also a violation of human rights. Human trafficking victims are lured from their homes based on the allusion from the trafficker of a better life. The victims are then beaten, forces to use drugs, and essentially broken. Once the victim is broken they are forced to perform sexual acts. Due to the initial promises and threats the victims endure, they also suffered from fear of trusting others especially law enforcement as well as other psychological issues similar to that of a domestic violence victim. These emotional, physical, and psychological issues the victims face are key factors in the struggle’s prosecution faces when prosecuting human trafficking cases. This study will explore the perceptions of the prosecutors on the barriers they face when prosecuting human trafficking cases. The goal of this research is to identity the specific themed barriers in human trafficking cases through the perceptions of the individuals from the Attorney General’s office of Georgia. Specifically, the research will examine all the barriers the Attorney General’s office faces regarding the arrest, conviction, prosecution and sentencing of human trafficking cases. This study identified four themes to help the processing of human trafficking cases overall.