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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


David Weintraub

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Cathern Wildey


One out of five women in college are victims of sexual assault. The uptick in cases being brought before the US Department of Education for the mishandling of sexual assault cases on college campuses raises a question about the adequacy of the training and support being received by Title IX Coordinators. This study was designed to determine whether Title IX Coordinators are receiving adequate support and sufficient training necessary to adhere to the federal mandates regarding sexual assault on campus, as well as how the Title IX Coordinators’ years of experience relate to the challenges they face.

Using SurveyMonkey, a survey instrument developed by the researcher was sent to Title IX Coordinators at Division I colleges and universities. Utilizing open-ended and Likert-scaled questions, the researcher looked at the adequacy of the support being received by Title IX Coordinators, the sufficiency of the training being received by Title IX Coordinators, the specific challenges faced by Title IX Coordinators, and how the perception of those challenges changed based on the years of experience of the Title IX Coordinators. The researcher obtained responses from 83 participants. The results indicated that the Title IX coordinators’ perceptions were that they were receiving adequate support and sufficient training. The perceptions of their challenges decreased with the number of years spent in the role. The results also showed there is a need for increased training directly from federal agencies. Further study is recommended on the impact of changes in policies with the new administration.