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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Charles Schlosser

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Roberta Silfen


bring your own device, digital citizenship, personal communication devices, phenomenology, social media


The use of technology to enhance instruction and learning is a daily expectation in public school classrooms throughout the State of Michigan and the United States. Schools are implementing bring your own device/bring your own technology (BYOD/BYOT) programs to meet the demand of providing students access to technology. As a result, students are bringing personal communication devices (cell phones, smartphones, tablets) to school in ever-increasing numbers. Students are using these devices in the classroom for a variety of purposes including the use of social media applications. However, school district policies have not been thoroughly updated to address the implementation of BYOD/BYOT programs, the use of personal communication devices, or social media applications.

The purpose of this study was to conduct a phenomenological study that gathered the lived experiences of educators working in schools located in Michigan on the implementation of BYOD programs that include the use of personal communication devices and social media applications to determine if these experiences could provide insights on potential BYOD program implementation and policy.

Face-to-face interviews of 12 participants at two high schools located in southeast Michigan resulted in several findings that could be used to guide schools considering BYOD implementation. These findings included the need to create a comprehensive plan of professional development for teachers involved in BYOD implementation, to adopt digital citizenship education that addresses social media use by students, and to follow create a BYOD policy review process that ensures regular updating and revising of BYOD policy to remain current with quickly changing needs of BYOD environments.

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