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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Alberto Rodriguez

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J. Troy Robinson


algebra, mathematics achievement, mathematics instruction, secondary school mathematics, technology


In July 2015, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics established its position about the use of technology in teaching and learning mathematics. This important step forward opened a promise for many students and teachers that deserve the excellence of high-quality education in one of the most difficult educational subjects. In the 21st century, mathematics education can be one of the greatest recipients of all technological benefits reached by the most advanced societies of the earth.

The purpose of this applied dissertation was to measure the effects in mathematics academic achievement of implementing technology-enhanced mathematical instruction to a group of seventh graders taking an accelerated course of algebra I. The problem of the study was that a large number of students were not achieving proficiency levels in fundamental algebra benchmarks such as algebra modeling, function modeling and statistics, and number system. The study included one experimental group, who received mathematics instruction using technology-enhanced mathematical instruction (TEMI), and a control group, who did not receive TEMI instruction.

Both groups were assessed at the beginning of the experiment with a pre-test and the end of the study with a post-test. Additionally, a motivation survey about the use of technology during mathematics instruction was given to the experimental group at the end of the study.

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