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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Camille R. Fairer

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Scherrine Davenport

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Maryellen Maher


African American females, evaluating, historically black college, support services


This study examined the effectiveness of the Women’s Resources Assistance Program (WRAP), a support service for African American females attending a historically black college or university (HBCU). The study included 230 participants. The purpose of the study was to gauge, through the use of surveys, each participant’s knowledge and level of participation in the WRAP.

The participants were issued questionnaires and interview forms to complete during the study. The questionnaires contained 11 closed-ended questions that were designed to determine the participating students’ attitude towards WRAP as well as their level of participation. Similarly, oral interviews were conducted to ascertain the participants’ attitudes towards WRAP. The interview form contained four open-ended questions that allowed the participants to further elaborate on their attitudes and opinions.

The findings revealed that the participation levels of the students were high. The 230 participants who took part in WRAP provided evidence of the high participation levels. The responses of the participants revealed that WRAP should be offered to every female student as a support service program. The participants also expressed that they believed the support services offered by WRAP are definitely needed to ensure academic success for female students in higher education. The attitudes were examined along with an academic profile to determine whether WRAP assisted the students in raising their level of academic performance. Data that was collected during the study showed that the participants are exceptionally satisfied with the services provided by WRAP. The attitudes that were reflected in this study evinced a need for continuous services provided by The Women’s Resource Assistance Program. The need for monitoring and constant evaluation of the program is essential to ensure academic success for female students attending HBCUs.