Theses and Dissertations

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Jared Bucker

Committee Member

Karen Kimball


instructor perceptions, learning engagement, MLPS, mobile learning, technology integration, UTAUT


This applied dissertation was designed to investigate instructor perceptions about mobile learning among instructors in higher education. The study included the areas of influences of mobile technologies over the approaches of teaching and learning, use of mobile learning technologies to develop class instruction, use of mobile learning for professional learning, influences of mobile learning over the restrictions of time and space when acquiring knowledge anytime, anywhere, and mobile learning to facilitate teacher-student communications. An additional objective of this study was to add a more current literature source to the existing literature addressing instructor perceptions about mobile learning in higher education.

The writer used the Mobile Learning Perception Scale, a quantitative survey, using a cross-sectional survey design collecting data at one point in time during the study with nonprobability convenience sampling.

An overall analysis of the data revealed higher education instructors agreed (mean = 3.81, median = 4.00, mode = 4) with K12 teachers (mean = 4.09, median = 4.00, mode = 4) mobile learning techniques and tools were beneficial for use in the approaches to teaching and learning, influential in the development of classroom instruction strategies, useful for professional learning, influential over the restrictions of time when acquiring knowledge anytime, anywhere, and useful for facilitating teacher-student communication.

The results of this study provide administrators the benefit of insight into instructors’ perceptions and attitudes of mobile learning at the higher education level. Knowing higher education instructors’ perceptions and attitudes about mobile learning afford the institution a much-needed understanding of the direct determinants and influencing key moderators which inform behavioral intention and use of mobile learning technologies (Venkatesh, Morris, Davis, & Davis, 2003).