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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Shery Bennett

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Anita Barrett


This study investigated the effect of peer tutoring on the academic success of students enrolled in remedial mathematics courses at a rural community college. Tutor training modules were used to train tutors on how to assist potential tutees in understanding a lesson. The tutors used supplemental online course instruction to assist students in each tutorial session. In this study, math assessments, placement scores, student grades, and student surveys were analyzed—specifically, COMPASS, tutee evaluations, tutor evaluations, the Math Anxiety Rating Scale–Brief, the Math Barriers Scale, the Math Confidence Scale, and the Participant Tutoring Program Survey. Research questions were the following: 1. What was the impact of peer tutoring on the tutees’ success in remedial math courses MTH 090, MTH 098, and MTH 100? 2. What external factors influenced students from academically completing remedial math courses MTH 090, MTH 098, and MTH 100? 3. How did the use of peer tutoring help decrease the number of withdrawals from remedial math courses MTH 090, MTH 098, and MTH 100? 4. After completing the tutorials, how much did the students feel the tutorial program improved their academic success? The peer tutoring program increased grades for half of the 25 tutees. Tutees reported their confidence and willingness to ask for help improved. However, according to the 3 tutors, the peer tutoring program did not help the tutees to prepare math questions or math homework or aid in the tutees’ overall academic engagement.

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