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Dissertation - NSU Access Only

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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Abraham S. Fischler College of Education


Ron Hunter

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Michael Gaffney


elementary, grade-span configuration, middle school, private school, sixth grade, standardized testing


The applied dissertation was designed to investigate the three models of grade span configurations of sixth grade and the effects grade span configuration has on results of the standardized achievement scores of sixth grade students in private, Florida schools. Studies that have been conducted on sixth grade students and grade span configuration have provided mixed results on the impact of standardized scores. Exploration of the topic that supports the connection is outdated and current research has yet to examine the impact on students who are in private, parochial schools in Florida. The use of data from the TerraNova, Third Edition on grade span configuration has not been evaluated. The correlation between grade span configuration and the results on the sixth grade student standardized achievement scores examines the following three models: kindergarten to sixth grade model (K6), kindergarten to eighth grade model (K8), and the sixth to eighth grade model (6-8, MS). The researcher will use one standardized collection instrument to obtain data in the study and will collect data from Florida schools that administer the TerraNova, Third Edition to sixth grade students in the spring of 2015. Three grade span configuration models will be evaluated by the mean score of sixth grade student performance on the test. Mean scores will be requested by the researcher from the school administrators of private schools in Florida.

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