Say Gay! LGBTQ+ Censorship and Student Safety


Say Gay! LGBTQ+ Censorship and Student Safety



This engaging panel comprised of local parents, activists, and NSU faculty will discuss current events and topics surrounding the LGBTQ+ community. Drawing from their own experiences and expertise they will lead the audience in an interactive discussion regarding student safety, censorship, and access to information.

Panel Members include:

Peter Caproni, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical and School Psychology
Brandon Hensler, Executive Director, Division of Public Relations, Marketing, and Creative Services
Sherry Hindelang, Fifth Grade Teacher/Team Leader, NSU University School
Jeanette Jennings, Co-Founder TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation

The panel will be moderated by Dr. Jim Doan, Professor, Halmos College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Humanities and Politics

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Nova Southeastern University


Ft. Lauderdale

Say Gay! LGBTQ+ Censorship and Student Safety