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Director's Note



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The Digressions Literary & Art Journal is a place of promise for students, readers, creators, reviewers, and editors alike. It is a place for students and readers to observe new and unique ideas, some which bring about new ways of thinking and some which prove that they are not alone. Creators are given a place to show themselves and their work outside of the classroom. Reviewers are able to put into practice their understanding of unique viewpoints and ways of expression in order to shape Digressions. Finally, editors are able to show their understanding of idea forms and bring the ideas of multiple individuals into a cohesive unit to be enjoyed for years to come. I started at Digressions as a reviewer before coming on as a director and creator. Seeing how this publication comes together from multiple perspectives has given me a strong sense of pride in the long-term project. There is no better feeling than seeing something enjoyable to many come out of empty space, be it the empty space on a document or canvas, the empty space in our inbox before the appearance of submissions, or the empty pages that would be placed through a printing press, in honor of the empty spaces that came before them. As such, this publication would be unattainable without the passion and dedication from our brave submitters and creators, our committed reviewers, our hard-working editorial and marketing staff, and our diligent staff advisor. Additionally, a special thanks has to go out to Gena Meroth (who was able to quickly help us resolve any issues on the digital end of production), Dr. Mason’s Editing, Layout, and Design class (who helped organize and format the content for the most enjoyable reading experience), Dr. Piskel’s Graphic Design class (who created wonderful cover submissions to choose from), and, finally, a thank you to both the School of Communication, Media, and the Arts and the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences for supporting this project. We hope that the future will not only bring new submissions but also an expanded readership. It is with this latter goal in mind that this year we developed new partnerships and events, as well as a campaign to include social choice pieces voted on by our followers on Instagram. Stay tuned as we continue to strive to imagine, create, and inspire.

– Athena Edwards, Digressions Director

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Director's Note