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Deaf Inmates

Deaf Inmates

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The Encyclopedia of Corrections

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Deaf individuals held within the correctional system present a unique challenge for administration and staff, correctional officers, and other relevant professionals. Daily activities, treatment, rehabilitation, and other facets of corrections will likely be influenced by the Deaf inmate's linguistic and cultural needs. The term “Deaf,” with its capitalized “D,” demonstrates that Deafness is viewed from a cultural and sociolinguistic framework. The Deaf community reflects a distinct subculture; however, the unique subcultural and linguistic characteristics generate difficulties for Deaf individuals held in correctional settings and for those correctional officials who job it is to manage those incarcerated both on a daily and administrative level. Literature on the subject of Deaf offenders in correctional settings is incomplete. However, it has been well documented in other settings that specialized training and knowledge skills are essential in order to work productively with Deaf offenders or suspects at various stages of the judicial process. This entry describes the characteristics of culturally Deaf individuals in order to better understand the differences and special needs of this population in correctional settings.




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Deaf Inmates
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