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Theory and Practice of Group Work with Addictions

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Theory and Practice of Group Work with Addictions

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Theory and Practice of Addiction Counseling


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Book Chapter


This one-of-a-kind text brings together contemporary theories of addiction and helps readers connect those theories to practice using a common multicultural case study. Theories covered include motivational interviewing, moral theory, developmental theory, cognitive behavioral theories, attachment theory, and sociological theory. Each chapter focuses on a single theory, describing its basic tenets, philosophical underpinnings, key concepts, and strengths and weaknesses. Each chapter also shows how practitioners using the theory would respond to a common case study, giving readers the opportunity to compare how the different theoretical approaches are applied to client situations. A final chapter discusses approaches to relapse prevention.



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SAGE Publications, Inc.


Thousand Oaks, CA


Pamela S. Lassiter and John R. Culbreth, Editors.

Theory and Practice of Group Work with Addictions
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