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Stroop Effect

Stroop Effect

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Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology

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Neuropsychology is a rapidly evolving field with inspiring advances in neurotechnology, assessment, and intervention occurring regularly. An act of labor and love, the conceptualization, compilation, and production of the Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology (2nd ed.) spanned more than 4 years. Building on the foundation of the first edition, the editors-in-chief sought to provide a current corpus of content of empirically based, relevant, and practical information. To this end, we added three new topical sections: neuroimaging, military neuropsychology, and DSM-5 and enlisted the help of three superb new section editors: Erin Bigler, Ph.D., Risa Nakase-Richardson, Ph.D., and Ana Mills, Psy.D, respectively, to orchestrate the new sections. An immense project, the encyclopedia now contains more than 2,200 entries. More than 1,600 first edition entries were updated and 230 new entries were added. The newest edition of the encyclopedia now reflects the work of nearly 900 authors. As with the first edition, we have aimed to create a comprehensive reference for professionals involved in the evaluation, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of children and adults with neurological disorders. We have also provided students and researchers with the breadth of knowledge to facilitate success in evaluating and treating these patients. Suggested readings and cross references direct readers to additional information on the various topics. We anticipate that the Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology will be the first place readers turn for factual, relevant, and comprehensive information.




New York, NY

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Jeffrey S. Kreutzer, John DeLuca, and Bruce Caplan, Editors.


Stroop Effect
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