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Neuropsychological Interpretation of Objective Psychological Tests

Neuropsychological Interpretation of Objective Psychological Tests


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The purpose of this book is to provide a compendium of the possible interpretations that can be used with each of a variety of common tests usually included in a neuropsychological test battery. The first chapter discusses some of the pitfalls and cautions when comparing tests, while the second chapter examines administrative and scoring issues which may be unclear or unavailable for a given test. The remainder and heart of the book is the analysis of the interpretative issues for each of the tests. Each chapter is designed to present in a succinct format day-to-day interpretative strategies and questions for each test. The organization of the text allows the user to get to the core interpretative issues quickly so that there is no need to wade through unnecessary expositions. These strategies and interpretative issues will in turn generate questions for the examiner to address and can lead to the accurate analysis of each test, as well as indicating the need for additional tests to be included in a given assessment. Not all available neuropsychological tests have been included; however, these are believed to be a representative sample of the tests in use. Many of the interpretative strategies cited can be used with other tests that focus on similar skills and abilities. The book is intended for beginners in the field as well as individuals who have limited experience. The majority of practitioners who use neuropsychological tests only occasionally will also find the information of great use.



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Neuropsychological Interpretation of Objective Psychological Tests
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