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Lemon Juice Treatment

Lemon Juice Treatment

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Dictionary of behavior therapy techniques

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Book Chapter



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Single source that gives "the full range of behavioral treatment techniques." Intended as brief clinically-oriented overview for nonexperts. Techniques are categorized as major, secondary, or minor, and they receive page coverage accordingly (5-10 pages, 3-5 pages, and one-half page). Explanatory definitions. Entries are signed and contain references, as well as cross references. Author index.

"In one comprehensive, well organized volume Alan Bellack, Michel Hersen and an impressive array of prominent contributors have amassed an original, clinically oriented work which defines and describes the full range of behavior treatment techniques. Setting out a detailed framework for dealing with a wide variety of behaviors, the text projects expected outcomes and time frames for each approach followed by differential diagnostic characteristics for which treatment is appropriate or inappropriate. Major and secondary techniques are defined, and clinical applications are described and evaluated. Finally, for more detailed reports, outside references are provided. As an essential tool for developing the most effective treatment procedures, this text will prove to be the definitive work in the field of behavior therapy." -- Publisher's description


Pergamon Press


New York

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A.S. Bellack and M. Hersen, Editors


Lemon Juice Treatment
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