Beach Renourishment: Worldwide Comparison of Methods and Results

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M.S. Marine Biology

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M.S. Coastal Zone Management

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Curtis Burney

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Donald McCorquodale


Worldwide efforts to reduce beach erosion have used varied methods that have differing levels of success. With development and growth along coastlines worldwide, there is a need to renourish and try to prevent erosion. Techniques that have been most commonly used throughout the years have employed hard structure defenses such as groins and seawalls that can cause greater damage to the surrounding environment. More recently, the use of soft techniques, such as dredging, has been utilized to mitigate the effects of coastal erosion. After reviewing literature on differing methods to prevent and elevate pressures of erosion this paper examines several nourishment projects that have taken place worldwide, focusing on problematic erosion, impacts, responses and results.

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