Effects of Estrogenic Substances on Gonochoristic Teleost Fish Populations in the Aquatic Environment

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M.S. Marine Biology

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Bernhard Riegl

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David W. Kerstetter


The purpose of this capstone is to provide a comprehensive review of the effects that estrogenic compounds have on teleost fishes on an individual and population level. This review will provide background information on endocrine disruptors, specifically estrogens; side effects of estrogen exposure; case studies, both field and laboratory studies; as well as implications and suggestions for future research and potential solutions for this issue. It will also focus on previous models created to project the fate of fish populations exposed to environmental estrogens and discuss the strong points and weaknesses of these previous assessments. Secondary objectives include discussing the importance of modeling, while offering suggestions for future models. This capstone serves to bring awareness to an issue that is often overlooked by the public and policy makers.

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