Manatee Protection From Flood Gates in Miami-Dade County, Florida U.S.A.

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M.S. Coastal Zone Management

First Advisor

Curtis Burney

Second Advisor

Keith Ronald

Third Advisor

Patrick M. Rose


Human threats to Trichechus manatus latirostris are reviewed. Coastal flood gates comprise the largest cause of manatee mortality in Miami-Dade County. An Interagency Task Force was developed in 1990 to review the gate problem and work toward a solution. Various modifications to floodgate operations are described, as well as alternatives reviewed by the Task Force. A piezo-electric device appears promising and is scheduled for installation at all Miami-Dade coastal structures. The timetable for installation is inadequate however, and should be altered to improve manatee protection at two structures in Miami Dade County by mid-1999, which are scheduled for later that year at best.

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