A Review of Marine Protected Areas: Their Objectives, Design and Success

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M.S. Coastal Zone Management

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Curtis Burney

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Stacy Myers


In the past few decades human population has increased exponentially, causing great stress on natural systems. The oceans are no exception. Demand at times has exceeded its capacity to supply the resources desired. As a result it has suffered greatly being over exploited and severely degraded. Over fishing, sewage run-off and years of failed environmental policies have taken their toll. In response to the general state of the oceans. We are now searching for remedies to the problems we have caused. One such solution is marine protected areas. Marine protected areas, if designed and implemented correctly, can greatly benefit those dependent on the oceans for their livelihood, as well as benefit the greater human population. They can serve to conserve and protect biodiversity and areas of special interest to industry, fishing and/or tourism. The key is in the design. The general design of a marine protected area can determine its success. If key elements can be identified and central in site selection and establishment MP A usefulness will increase, as will their value as a tool in ocean conservation.

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