A Comprehensive Literature Review and Assessment of The Clean Marina Program in the State of Florida

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M.S. Marine Biology

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Donald McCorquodale

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Samuel Purkis


This paper discusses the purpose and goals of The Clean Marina Program and how it became established. A literature review was performed regarding different techniques for assessing water quality and how different managers and programs monitor water quality. The use of bioindicators and water quality parameters, such as fecal coliform, are consistently cited as the primary source measurements to investigate water quality in coastal water bodies and marina systems. Several case studies were designed using Arc GIS and mapping techniques to evaluate the relationships and correlation between clean marina boat density and fecal coliform in both north and south Florida regions. There were higher concentration of fecal coliform recorded in North Florida, which correlates with a higher marina boat density in that region. This relationship is presumed causative and suggests vessel density in marinas to be relevant to water quality, an observation that carries a clear message for managers. Recommendations are made for future implementations of successful monitoring methods for The Clean Marina Program.

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