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Coral Reefs of the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman: Effects of Oil Pollution

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M.S. Marine Biology

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Richard E. Dodge


Coral reefs are tropical and semitropical, shallow water ecosystems consisting of a solid limestone (CaC03 ) structure strong enough to withstand the force of waves (Dawis 1981). Their development is governed by four major factors: temperature (above 20°C), bright light, stable high salinity, and immersion (Human 1993; Jaap et al. 1992). Of all the calcium carbonate-secreting organisms that contribute to modern reef formation, the scleractinian corals are the most important (Burnes 1987). They are a major source of calcium carbonate, shelter and substrate for a wide range of associated fauna and flora, and an important food chain component as producers and consumers (Loya & Rinkevich 1980; Wyers et al . 1986; Dodge et al. 1984; Burnes 1987).

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