Through this first HCNSO Ocean Research Jamboree (May 19-20, 2016), NSU marine scientists will highlight current ocean science research projects currently ongoing at the Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center and Halmos College Of Natural Sciences and Oceanography. Faculty, postdocs and graduate students will present technical summaries of current research that covers a wide array of diverse marine topics: physical oceanography, coral reefs, larval ecology, bill fish, shark tracking, marine genomics, marine diseases, invertebrate physiology, evolution etc.

The purpose of the Jamboree is multi-fold: to enable scientific discourse among local marine researchers, and provide a rigorous (yet semi-formal) experience for young researchers that will hone their presentation skills for a broad audience of peers and faculty. And non-speakers and guests are encouraged to attend, ask questions and learn more about the people and research which drive the unique niche which is the HCNSO Oceanographic Campus.

Dr. Stephen O'Brien has generously offered to host an informal party with refreshments on the Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State park beach pavillion adjacent to the OC, after the first day of talks, and the graduate SGA will host their final Friday happy hour for all speakers and guests after the second day of talks to facilitate further camaraderie and discussions.

Coffee breaks will be provided by HCNSO Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences.

*Note*: Non-speaking attendees are on their own for lunch. Because the park is somewhat isolated and time is short, we recommend that attendees bring a bite to eat if they plan to attend the whole day. Also there is a small lunch spot in the park called Whiskey Creek after the first big bend and bridge:

Current format: Talks will be 12 min, with 3 minutes for questions.

The plenary speaker will be Dr Kate Mansfield from the University of Central Florida (website)

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Thursday, May 19, 2016
Friday, May 20, 2016