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Linear Algebra: Challenging Problems for Students

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Linear Algebra: Challenging Problems for Students


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Linear algebra is a prerequisite for students majoring in mathematics and is required of many undergraduate and first-year graduate students in statistics, engineering, and related areas. This fully updated and revised text defines the discipline's main terms, explains its key theorems, and provides over 425 example problems ranging from the elementary to some that may baffle even the most seasoned mathematicians. Vital concepts are highlighted at the beginning of each chapter and a final section contains hints for solving the problems as well as solutions to each example. Based on Fuzhen Zhang's experience teaching and researching algebra over the past two decades, Linear Algebra is the perfect examination study tool. Students in beginning and seminar-type advanced linear algebra classes and those seeking to brush up on the topic will find Zhang's plain discussions of the subject's theories refreshing and the problems diverse, interesting, and challenging.



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Johns Hopkins University Press


Baltimore, MD


Linear Algebra


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Linear Algebra: Challenging Problems for Students
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