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The Catalog of Edge-on Disk Galaxies Found in SDSS

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American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #220, id.433.01

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We present a catalog of edge-on disk galaxies automatically identified in the seventh data release (DR7) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. We made a preliminary quantitative morphological classification of the galaxies and then visually inspected 15225 pre-selected individual objects in g,r,i SDSS bands using the images taken from the eighth SDSS data release. The inspection reveals that only 40% of all pre-selected objects are bona fide edge-on galaxies, whereas 55% of the objects show features typical for the non edge-on galactic disks. The rest of the sample comprises the galaxies which are not good for an automatic analysis because of extremely bright stars nearby, numerous foreground stars, strong galactic warps, strongly interacting components, etc. The images of the catalog objects are used to estimate the structural parameters of disks and bulges for more than 6000 true edge-on galaxies in each of the g,r,i photometric bands. Our results from a simple preliminary analysis technique will be ameliorated by applying more realistic radial transfer models in future work on the catalog analysis. Hardware part of our work was partly supported by the AAS Small Research Grant.

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