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Guided Inquiry: Synthetic Investigation of Aromatic Systems

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The focus of this investigation is to aid the development of a new advanced synthetic organic chemistry course, aiming for the development of possible synthetic routes of aromatic systems. Through a guided inquiry approach, students will be in charge of designing an entire synthetic route to develop a target compound. Proposed projects will be presented in-class, and feedback will be provided using a peer-review system to allow for improvements. Refined routes will then be carried out in the laboratory. Target compounds will then be purified, using common organic purification methods, and then will be subjected to full characterization using methods, such as FT-IR, GC-MS and NMR will be employed.

This project will concentrate on the development of a library of starting compounds and potential target molecules. Some potential synthetic targets currently under investigation are shown in the figure below. Proposed synthetic routes will be fully tested in the laboratory and obtained target molecules will be purified as well as characterized.

The developed target molecule library will be the starting point for this guided inquiry course.


Poster presented at the ACS (American Chemical Society) Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX, March 17th, 2014

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