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The E-STEAM (Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Project for Girls Mentoring Program

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The Nova Southeastern University Branch of the American Association of University Women (NSU AAUW) developed the E-STEAM Project for Girls - an initiative to attract at risk 12-17-year-old girls to STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math). Through a partnership between NSU AAUW and the Alvin Sherman Library, the university’s joint use community library, participants have had the unique experience of working with a diverse population of University faculty, staff and college-aged mentors while engaging in innovative, STEAM-related learning experiences at Nova Southeastern University. The program includes four, half-day field trips to NSU's campus per semester to tour the campus, attend college classes and participate in interactive activities related to STEAM. Participants reflected on their experience by giving a presentation at the end of the program. To measure the impact of the program, the mentees completed pre- and post-surveys to evaluate their likelihood of going to college and pursuing a STEAM career. The results indicated that at the completion of the program, students developed a better sense of their interests and disinterests in STEAM fields. Overall, the program has been a success and can serve as a model for other institutions.

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