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The Importance of Virtual Learning in Biochemistry Laboratory Course to Supplement Wet-Lab Research

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9th Annual LSSF STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium

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Conference Presentation

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The Biochemistry Authentic Scientific Inquiry Lab (BASIL) is a research-based curriculum utilized by students when working with the design of the molecular and biological world. In order to elucidate the function of an uncharacterized enzyme, students utilized several complementary websites to supplement wet-lab experiments. This Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE) can expand the impact of teaching by engaging students through research. Pre- and post- Participant Perception Indicator (PPI) surveys were made available to the students with a scale of 1-5. This Likert scale-based approach allowed for quantification of the attitudinal learning gains. We are further able to break down perceived learning into the realms of Knowledge, Experience, and Confidence. The unique circumstances of the Coronavirus Infectious Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic demonstrated the efficacy of BASIL in teaching students about protein biochemistry. In this study, we analyzed the effects of hands-on learning in comparison with distance education across several semesters. These data represent the Spring 2020 through Fall 2021 biochemistry courses. We found a marked improvement in the scores corresponding to Anticipated Learning Outcome (ALO) statements during semesters of in-person learning. Furthermore, the survey demonstrates the students’ perceived understanding of the material, skillful use of online tools, and retention of biochemistry information. We can conclude that online learning provides students with increased accessibility to resources, heightened skills, and experimental knowledge. Using the trends revealed by these data, we are able to identify learning gaps and improve the BASIL experience for future students.


0000-0002-9739-4039; 0000-0001-6295-9928