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Peer-Video-Blog Assessment: An Innovative Approach to Assessment

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FAMTE / FDLA Virtual Conference: Distance Learning: Raising the Bar for K-20

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Conference Presentation

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September 30 - October 2, 2020


It has been reported that through peer assessment, students reflect upon their performance, and consequently, their critical skills are enhanced. Students get a chance to clarify their understanding, retrieve previous knowledge, generate inferences, assimilate ideas, and correct misunderstandings. Videos have been used predominantly as an instructional tool, but they have also been used recently as an assessment strategy. Students have found this mode of assessment useful. Video assessment is especially valuable for students who need flexibility and an opportunity for repetition. Blogs, on the other hand, have become commonplace in learning environments. Students can share information, exchange ideas, and collaborate, all of which contribute to student learning. Blogs provide students with a way to offer feedback to one another, which is in line with social constructivism that emphasizes students’ active participation in knowledge construction through social interactions. A course blog was created for our course under consideration. Students recorded videos of their execution of skills and used a blog to share these videos by creating multimedia posts. Then, students were able to give feedback to each other using the ‘comments’ sections of the multimedia posts. This session will detail how an assessment of this kind was accomplished from start to finish. Best practices will be shared. The presentation is geared towards educators and instructional designers, especially those in higher education, and anyone with an interest in peer learning, student videos, blogs for learning, individually or in any combination thereof.

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Distance Education: Raising the Bar K-20