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On Survival Categorical Methods with Applications in Epidemiology and AIDS Research

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Applied Methods of Statistical Analysis: Applications in Survival Analysis, Reliability and Quality Control - Proceedings of the International Workshop / Novosibirsk, Russia

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Survival Data, Right Censoring, Independent Censoring, Hypothesis Testing, Categorical Tests, Contrasts, Wald's Test, Nelson-Aalen Estimator, Kaplan-Meier Estimator, Cohort Analysis, AIDS Research, Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS)


We consider methods of categorical data analysis applicable for the survival experimental design. Categorical tests for right censored survival data with applications to epidemiology and AIDS research are discussed. We introduce Wald’s type homogeneity tests based on Kaplan–Meier and Nelson–Aalen estimators for categorical null hypothesis in right censored survival data case. Classical tests for contingency tables and the survival Wald’s type tests are examined to assess their validity to use them for different kinds of statistical conclusions.


pg. 173 - 180