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COVID-19 Pandemic Update2020



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Syed Baker, Editor; Rahul Reddy Nadikattu, Co Editor; Sikender Mohsienuddin Mohammad, Associate Editor; Satish S, Associate Editor; M N Nagendra Prasad, Associate Editor; Raghuraj S. Chouhan, Associate Editor; Syed Baker, Olga Perianova, Satish.S, Nagendra Prasad M.N, Elena Saveleva, Rukosueva Tatiana, Harini B.P, Raghuraj Singh Chauhan, Khokhlova Olga, Anna Savitskaya ,Potkina Nadezhda, Associate Professor; E.S.Gudkova,E. S. Udegova, K. A. Gildeeva, T. V.Rukosueva ,O. V. Perianova , Associate Professor; Archisman Mahapatra, Priya Gupta, Rahul Kumar Singh, Associate Professor; Sanjay K. Rohaun , Associate Professor; Debprasad Dutta , Associate Professor; Santanu De , Associate Professor; Sukmanov Vladislav Alexandrovich, Sergeenako Anastasia ,Putintseva Margarita, Associate Professor; Olga Perianova, Rukosueva Tatiana, Khokhlova Olga, Anna Savitskaya Potkina Nadezhda , Associate Professor; Sunusi Dalha, Ibrahim Babangida , Associate Professor; Kesari Bhavya Sri , Associate Professor; Nour Mounzir Aldighlawi , Associate Professor; Kuntak Dutta , Associate Professor; Rahul Reddy Nadikattu , Associate Professor; Hemanth Kumar, Syed Baker, Naveena. M, Satish. S, Associate Professor; Divya Dubey , Associate Professor; Nishchha, Margarita N. Favorskaya, Angelina N. Zhukovskaya , Associate Professor ; Evgeny Soloviov, Alexander Danilov , Associate Professor; Mohammed Kamran Aslam , Associate Professor; Hessa Al Kaabi , Associate Professor; Mohammed Naveed ul haq , Associate Professor; Nissar Reshi , Associate Professor; Sikender Mohsienuddin Mohammad , Associate Professor; Priyanka Bhowmik , Associate Professor; Shravan KR, Associate Professor; Najeeb Ullah , Associate Professor; Neha Keral, Manmohan M.S , Associate Professor; Manit Malhotra , Associate Professor; Harinath P, Senior Lecturer; Syed Baker, Komal Kumar J , Professor; Syed Baker, Raghuraj Singh Chauhan, Satish.S, Nagendra Prasad M.N , Associate Professor ; Purbasa Banerjee , Assistant Professor


Coronavirus Infectious Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been one of the most dreaded, recent pandemics impacting multifarious global sectors, including education. To control contagion, affected nations ordered academic campus closures and home-schooling plans. Schools, colleges, and universities underwent a paradigm shift adopting internet-based delivery of lectures, synchronously or asynchronously (recorded), with virtual labs. Medical education suffered significantly; suspending student internships in hospitals decreased practical exposure to clinical specialties, impairing students’ performance, and competency.Teachers of traditional classes, with technical assistance, undertook rigorous trainings to restructure pedagogical and assessment strategies online using web/mobile applications and other digital tools.



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Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Education