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Annals of International Medical and Dental Research


Meditation, Neuroplasticity







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The intention of the review is to evaluate several studies regarding meditation and its association with structural neuroplasticity. The analysis of the studies would be evaluated based on its methods and results, with respect to the implications of various physiological findings as well as the different ways in which neuroplasticity is measured. Sources were gathered from numerous journals and literature posted online. Databases at the Alvin Sherman Library were utilized to further the research process. To synthesize ideas, a holistic approach was taken to the research process, and studies regarding meditation's effects on the chemical, molecular, and genetic aspects of the body were taken into consideration. Analysis of the studies showed meditation's impact on increased gray matter in various regions of the brain as well as microscopic structural changes in white matter. Several regions in the brain showed evidence of plasticity, which shows the extent to which meditation has an impact on the brain and its functions. For future studies, it suggested that different types of meditation are compared in order to clearly evaluate the approach to meditation and its impact on the structure of the brain.


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