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Annals of Microbiology and Research


Antibiotics, Overuse, Viral infection, Bacterial infection, Broad-spectrum agents, Resistance







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Antibiotic usage has become very widespread, as they are used to treat so many infectious diseases today. Antimicrobial agents exert their actions via different mechanisms including blockage of cell wall synthesis, interference of protein and/or nucleic acid synthesis, interruption of cell membrane structure, and inhibition of a metabolic pathway. The treatment of bacterial infections with antimicrobial agents has become more difficult due to the capability of bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics. Erroneous diagnosing, misconceptions, and improper physician-patient dynamics have led to overuse of antibiotics and the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria. Bacterial colonies have been shown to confer advantageous genetic information with ease, which is cause for concern. This, in turn, leads to a heightened urgency to create new forms of treatment that are effective against a greater proportion of a given bacterial colony. Effective ways of decreasing resistance include better diagnostic techniques, proper education and assessments, optimization of antibiotics usage, drug synergism, vaccine implementation, global efforts to combat resistance, and development of new antimicrobial agents.


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