NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences (HCAS) Alumni


Melissa Dauzonne


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NSU Major

BS Biology, BS Marine Biology

NSU Undergraduate Date


Other Institutions of Study

Masters in Genetics University of Bordeaux France

Highest Degree Completed


Current Employer

IECB in Bordeaux



NSU Experience

Nova has been one of the most amazing adventures in my life! Four years ago i decided to go back to school to pursue my dream : study biology and as of right now i am doing an internship as part of my masters program in genetics at the CNRS in Bordeaux France researching on alternative splicing of DNA in c. elegans. I think i have learned more during the three years i spent at NSU doing my double bachelor in biology and marine biology than i've ever learned in my entire life! Every professor at Nova my path has crossed was more passionate and dedicated to biology than i've ever seen before and i was so enthusiastic to share my passion with them the entire time i was there. If i can give one advice is to trust in your dreams and don't just sit on them make them come true! Trust me it works!


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