NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences (HCAS) Alumni


Tracy Vuong


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NSU Major

BS Biology

NSU Undergraduate Date


Other Institutions of Study

Master in Biomedical Sciences 2008 FAU; Doctorate in Health Science 2014 AT Still University

Highest Degree Completed


Current Employer

Florida Atlantic University


Assistant Director , Office of Sponsored Programs

NSU Experience

The biology program at NSU provided me with a solid foundation and understanding in the field of science which prepared me for a career in research administration. As a student, I enjoyed the smaller classroom size where faculty were readily accessible and could engage each student to their full scholastic potential. Although it has been many years since I graduated from the program, the professional relationships and networking I developed with both faculty and students during that time continue to impact my professional development. Looking back, if I could offer a few words of wisdom to current students it would be to get involved and network with others as many of these bright individuals will be professional colleagues and potential collaborators in the future.


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