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Alexa Shirinian


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BS Biology

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Physician's Assistant, Keiser University c/o 2018

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During my four years in the biology department at NSU, I felt I received a lot more one on one time with many of my professors. Aside from inside the classroom, they provided me with endless opportunities to apply myself in many other areas. In particular, working with Science Alive was one of the most rewarding things I did during undergrad. It also sparked my interest in working with kids, and it led me to working as a scribe after graduation in a pediatric emergency room. I’m currently a first year PA student, and I can say with confidence I wouldn’t have made it here without the faculty and opportunities I had at NSU. As for tips for current pre-PA students, I highly recommend looking into becoming a lab assistant! During my interview process, I was constantly asked about this experience and how I felt it would benefit my future career. Additionally, don’t be afraid to approach the professors! They have so much information and have guided so many students in your exact position. No matter how big your goals are I guarantee they have resources and suggestions that will help you reach them. Most importantly, enjoy your time at NSU! My closest friends are NSU alumni from the biology department and played a huge role in my success. I would really love to answer questions from those trying to get into PA school, or even those contemplating it, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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