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Kaisha Butz


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BS Biology

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Well I'm not currently working in an area of my degree but having a degree in biology definitely makes it easy to apply to healthcare related fields and higher education and if I decide to go the nursing route I can do a fast track program to get my bachelor's in nursing. And then skip masters and go straight to a doctorate.

At Nova what I liked the best was definitely the faculty and the other students. Why? Making relationships allowed me to feel connected and like I was part of something bigger - that I belonged which is what so many people want and look for.

Words of wisdom: Get involved on campus - there are a lot of clubs. And don't pick one just for your resume but pick one you actually enjoy going to and with people you'd enjoy being around - a group that is more of a community than anything else. Getting connected with others and forming relationships will make you happier and help you to enjoy college way more than anything else. Please don't just go to class and go home - make friends. Also it's totally possible to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night - just make it a priority. I always made sure I got sleep and I still had time for work, church, clubs, my husband, and I kept up my grades. Just don't procrastinate studying and you won't need to pull all nighters.


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