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NSU Major

BS Biology, D.O. Osteopathic Medicine, MS Biological Sciences

Highest Degree Completed


NSU Experience

Since a young age, I have always loved science. This passion for STEM is what led me to embark on a path towards a career in medicine–– not only by my intellectual curiosity, but also my desire to make a positive impact on my community. Serving both the Broward community as a medical assistant and the Miami-Dade community as an EMT further ignited my passion for healthcare and service, granting me the opportunity to work with a variety of healthcare professionals while providing support to those around me.

As a student at Nova Southeastern University, pursuing my master's in biology with a health studies concentration provided a unique opportunity to work under mentors that are driven to see us succeed. This academic endeavor serves as a steppingstone towards my ultimate goal of attending medical school, with one of its strongest feats being its ability to integrate the range of information we learn.

Aside from my career endeavors, I thoroughly enjoy cooking new recipes, hitting the gym, and tanning at the beach. Fins up!


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