NSU Halmos College of Arts and Sciences (HCAS) Alumni



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NSU Major

BS Biology

NSU Minor Degree

Business, Honors, Pre-Health

NSU Undergraduate Date


Highest Degree Completed


Current Employer

Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine


Dental Student

NSU Experience

My time at NSU was very meaningful and I am thankful for the many opportunities. As a pre-dental student majoring in Biology, I was able to learn from great professors in the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences. Through this, I was able to get to know many of the professors through research and working as a Laboratory Assistant. I was also a part of the Honors College to take various honors courses and participate in the Undergraduate Student Symposium. The Honors College led me to my research opportunities in the Department of Chemistry as well as in the College of Dental Medicine/Center for Collaborative Research. The vast student organizations at NSU were also significant in my growth as a student. Overall, the Biology program at NSU has impacted my academic career immensely as I am now a first year student at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine. I am grateful to NSU for preparing me to embark on a journey in dentistry and am proud to be an Alum. Good luck to all of the current students and definitely take advantage of all of the opportunities that NSU has to offer!





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