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NSU Major

BS Biology

NSU Undergraduate Date

May 2021

Highest Degree Completed




NSU Experience

The biology program at NSU has so much to offer, from a demanding and challenging curriculum that equips students for graduate and professional school to community service opportunities. What I appreciated most were the supportive and passionate professors that were always open for discussion and encouraged me to take up academic and service opportunities to be a well-rounded individual. These opportunities to expand my knowledge helped me question and most importantly, truly understand why I wanted to pursue the career I had chosen. As a first-generation college student, having my professors be part of my support system throughout my college experience was invaluable. The biology program's engaging and interactive laboratory experiences also prepared me well to be an undergraduate research assistant at NSU's College of Pharmacy. As a current Master's student at NSU's Biomedical Sciences program, my undergraduate journey created a solid foundation in the biological sciences.


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