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NSU's undergraduate biology program provided me with an outstanding preparation in biological sciences. The background knowledge I have learned throughout my time at NSU will be of tremendous help to me as I continue my studies on track to becoming a dentist. The curriculum within the four-year program is intense and challenging, but not impossible to overcome. I'd like to thank my professors along the way for allowing me the opportunity to demonstrate my resilience amongst difficult times and conveying to me their love, curiosity, and admiration for the field of biology. I would especially like to thank Dr. Emily Schmitt Lavin, Dr. Andrew Ozga, and Dr. Eben Gering for providing me with their valuable knowledge which I will carry with me forever. As I continue on my path in life, I will always look back to my time at NSU with great admiration, knowing that it has shaped me into the individual I am today. If there's one thing I can share with incoming biology students, it is to always stay curious. Fins up!


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