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Catherine Weber


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BS Biology

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Pre-Health, Psychology, Spanish

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I was a student in the Dual Admission Physician Assistant program, and am currently enrolled in NSU's Fort Lauderdale PA program. The course work as a biology major prepared me for the first semester courses of PA school. My involvement in NSU's only pre-health co-ed fraternity, Delta Epsilon Mu (DEM), prepared me with experiences necessary for growth and applying to PA school. I had exposure to many different healthcare fields/professionals, community service events and leadership opportunities as an executive board member of two years. I also enjoyed my time participating in cognitive psychology research, where I was a part of many studies, poster presentations and have had the opportunity to be published.


Banks, J.B., Antonio, J., Holtzman, A. S., Marang, M., Weber, C., Alverez-Beaton, A., Patel, A. (2020). “Creatine and Cognitive Functioning: What is the role of Exercise Frequency?” Journal of the Society for NeuroSports. Vol. 1, Article 9.

Available at: https://nsuworks.nova.edu/neurosports/vol1/iss1/9

Czartoryski, P., Garcia, J., Manimaleth, R., Napolitano, P., Watters, H., Weber, C., Alvarez-Beaton, A., Nieto, A.C., Patel, A., Peacock, C., Banks, J., Tartar, J., Antonio, J. (March 2020). Body composition assessment: A comparison of the DXA, InBody 270, and Omron. Journal of Exercise and Nutrition, 3(1). Retrieved from https://www.journalofexerciseandnutrition.com/previousArticles.php?Group=11.


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