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Anup Chauhan


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BS Biology, D.O. Osteopathic Medicine

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The undergraduate biology program here at NSU did an exceptional job at preparing us students for graduate level studies. It was only until I started medical school and saw students from many other universities struggling with courses, like biochemistry and anatomy, that I truly realized this. Many of the courses that are offered here help to develop a strong foundation in the basic sciences, with various high yield and practical topics being the focus of the course. The best and most unique part about this program is how genuine, caring, and receptive the faculty is of their students. They truly care to help maximize our education and are always willing to meet with students one on one. Just as a friendly note to anyone who may be starting or is already in the program, try to get involved and immerse yourself as much as possible, you will truly see the fruits of your hard work. Overall, I am thankful for the knowledge and experiences I gained through the biology program at NSU and would not trade it for any other.


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