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Sarah Keville


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BS Biology

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The biology program at NSU definitely helped me realize my potential, while providing an education that is second to none. I didn't realize until I started medical school how much the small class sizes at Nova Southeastern helped me succeed. The intimate learning environment, paired with state of the art technology in the labs, truly gave me an incredible education that helped prepare me for medical school and beyond. The curriculum is rigorous, but there are so many people there to help you along the way. My biggest advice to students would be to get to know your professors and to get involved. There are many opportunities for research here, the key is finding a mentor early. I personally had the opportunity to work with Dr. Collins from the College of Psychology, and presented the findings of my project as a poster at the Psychonomic Society's Annual Meeting in Chicago, Il. It was an incredible experience that challenged me academically, but the process was one that helped me understand my own potential. Whatever your interests are, there is someone at Nova Southeastern that can help you fulfill them.